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How effective is your current pre-employment screening policy?

Your background check policy may be your first and best line of defense in litigation. As we know in other personnel related matters, it’s important to have and follow policies and procedures that promote consistency and compliance in the workplace. Documenting your company’s processes for requesting, receiving and evaluating background checks will greatly improve your chances of successfully defending your program and protecting your company from potential multi-million dollar lawsuits.Request a free consultation to evaluate the following:

  • The purpose and scope of your pre-employment screening policy
  • The organizational responsibility and authority within the background screening program
  • FCRA disclosure and authorizations
  • FCRA pre-adverse and adverse actions
  • I-9 revisions and updates
Does your company have a background check policy? The answer should be "yes", and if not, contact us for a consultation on how to get the ball rolling on this.

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