The ultimate guide to I-9 Compliance

ARE you prepared for an ice audit?

With all the changes in immigration policy, special programs, and policies, knowing the correct Ultimate Guide to I-9 Compliance Thumbnailprocesses for maintaining I-9 compliance may seem complicated. With this guide, you'll have the most common questions regarding I-9 and E-verify answered all in one place!

Get answers to these questions and more!:

  • What is the difference between Employment Eligibility, E-Verify and Form I-9?

  • What does E-Verify check for?

  • Who must comply with E-Verify?

  • What must I do to  maintain I-9 Compliance?

  • What are acceptable documents for E-Verify?

  • How do you check Employment Eligibility Status?

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2018 Ultimate Guide to I-9 Compliance